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A Clean Tweet: Newark Mayor Fights Crime



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    Booker is all about the Twitter.

    A few years ago, a murderer turned himself in to Newark Mayor Cory Booker on the street in front of Police Headquarters.

    This time, Booker got a chance to be more proactive with crime.

    "Just witnessed some1 litter from their car," he tweeted to his followers on Twitter.

    "We pulled him over & I confronted the city resident," wrote Booker, who travels with a city police security detail.

    Booker and his police director, Garry McCarthy, have followed the example of New York City in cracking down on quality of life crimes as a way to reduce overall crime during the nearly four years Booker has been mayor.

    In a followup tweet, he wrote, "Littering is profoundly & even spiritually disrespectful & costs Nwk millions that could b invested in r kids or simply saved."

    And in a response to an NBCNewYork.com tweet, Booker didn't say what the motorist threw out the window, or if his security detail gave him a ticket -- but he did write that the man "was embarrassed & very apologetic."

    As to whether his personal involvement will make a difference, Booker tweeted, "I just hope he gets the point & changes! As I've been told by Newakers(sic), talk is cheap."

    But a litter-fighting mayor may just be priceless.