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New Underwear Puts NYPD on Alert

Ever imagined fitting a 2-liter bottle of soda in your underwear? Now you can



    New Underwear Puts NYPD on Alert
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    An undercover cop wearing headphones to communicate with his NYPD peers didn't hear the rant of a resident trying to get the man he presumed to be a bum off his stoop.

    The New York City Police Department released a memo Monday, warning its officers to be on the alert for criminals wearing underwear with hidden pockets.

    The NYPD became aware of the secretive undergarments, which can apparently stash up to a 67-ounce bottle of soda, when they arrested a Brooklyn man last month.

    "The arrested perpetrator gave information that drugs and weapons are being concealed in underwear that contains secret pockets," according to the memo obtained by the Daily News.

    Stashitware, just one of a multitude of companies that make the pocketed undergarment, sells their product for only $12. The pocket on the underwear is big enough to hold two liters of soda, but you can also purchase boxers with smaller pockets, noted the Stashitware website.

    "It was found that many companies carry this type of underwear with a secret pocket for males and females," the memo said, according to the News.

    A video demonstration on the company’s website shows a man stuffing a cell phone, a lighter and multiple other items into the compartment.

    "Money! That quick, stashed! Cigarettes! That quick, stashed! Credit Card! Drugs! Jewelry! It's all in there," boasted the man demonstrating the underwear in a video on the company’s website.

    Emails to seeking comment were not immediately returned.

    You can see the video of the stealth underwear below.