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NYPD Officers Caught Dirty Dancing On Video, Officials Looking Into It

Officers' randy dance moves at West Indian Day Parade caught on tape



    NYPD Looks Into Dancing Cops at Parade

    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the NYPD is looking into a video that shows police officers dancing suggestively while on duty at the West Indian Day Parade. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011)

    A video showing NYPD officers bumping and grinding with female dancers at the West Indian Day parade has surfaced on the Internet.

    The video shows several uniformed officers who appear to be working the parade route dancing with barely clothed women. Watch the YouTube video below.

    The video shows one woman starting to grind with an officer, and the officer begins to gyrate his hips. Other officers are then seen bumping and grinding with other females. 

    All the females appear to be willing participants.

    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Tuesday that he has been at the Labor Day parade for many years and has seen officers "sort of get caught up with the spirit of the parade."

    "I would prefer that it not have happened, but I don't want to make too much of it," Kelly said.

    He said the borough commander is looking into the situation, and could not say whether the officers would face any discipline.

    The officers' conduct has raised eyebrows among some who have seen the video.

    Shaking his head as he watched the clip, Crown Heights resident Leroy Barnes said he thought the officers should be disciplined. 

    "They should not be dancing like that, while they are in uniform," said Barnes.

    Another man who declined to give his name said, "They're out there dancing, someone could be getting killed."

    On the same day the video was taken, there were at least two reported shootings along the parade route, at different points along Eastern Parkway. 

    It is not clear how close these dancing officers were to the shootings. 

    Some parade-goers believe the officers' dancing did not interfere with their ability to do their jobs.

    "They were watching us and doing their jobs, in a fun way," said Yvonne McKoy.

    "It looked like the dancers lured the officers into the festivities. The officers were just responding to the community," said Christine Delice, who also saw the video.

    Some residents felt bad for the officers and the discipline they would likely get as a result of the Internet sensation.

    "I think they were just having fun at a fun event," said Carol Barnes. "I just hope they don't lose their jobs."