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Lawsuit Accuses NYPD of Race, Sex Discrimination

Ex-Cop says she was ousted for having kids



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    Golston-Green says her NYPD boss "made it impossible for my dream to continue."

    A former city cop slapped the NYPD and one of its captains with a sex and race discrimination lawsuit, alleging they blocked her from promotions because she had kids.

    Tamara Golston-Green, 36, filed the suit in Queens Supreme Court on Monday, alleging that her former boss, Capt. John Denesopolis pushed her out of the force by assigning her an overnight shift while she had two young children, the Daily News reported.

    "I just don't like women because they have babies," Denesopolis once told Golston-Green, the lawsuit alleges.

    Golston-Green, who was an NYPD sergeant when she left the force in 2006, says she worked for seven years without problems before being assigned to Denesopolis.

    "Going to work was a nightmare which caused her to have panic attacks and be very emotional driving there," her attorney Anthony Ofodile wrote in the lawsuit. "The torture just got worse."

    Golston-Green left law-enforcement and New York after just two years under Denesopolis.  The Queens Village woman moved to Texas where she now works for an airline company.

    "He was the one," she said, referring to her former NYPD boss, "who made it impossible for my dream to continue."

    City lawyers didn't comment because they said they have not reviewed the lawsuit yet.