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Scammers Try to Cash In on Rescued Starved Dog

"Patrick the Dog" was tossed out with the trash.



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    Patrick the Dog.

    The story of the rescue of Patrick the Miracle Dog was apparently too tempting for scammers and others looking to cash in on his fame.

    The Associated Humane Societies/Popcorn Park, which is caring for the emaciated and abandoned pit bull as he recovers, says a number of organizations and individuals are claiming to collect money on his behalf, but none is going to the pup.

    At the same time, new pictures were released of Patrick and the garbage chute that almost became his tomb on the day before St. Patrick's Day.

    Patrick was found by an apartment building maintenance man who saw movement in a bag at the bottom of the chute.

    His horror story resulted in the launch of a Facebook page that showed international outrage over how a pet could be treated like trash.

    "The story of Patrick alone is heartbreaking, but the fact that people are trying to profit from this travesty is just despicable," Associated Humane Societies Executive Director Roseann Trezza said in a statement.

    The AHS notes there are t-shirts and even artwork being sold with likenesses of Patrick, but none of those result in any donations to its work.

    The organization suggests anyone who wants to donate on behalf of Patrick visit its website

    Kisha Curtis, 27, the owner of Patrick, awaits trial in Newark on four counts of animal abuse.  An investigation by the New Jersey SPCA continues into whether Curtis, or possibly someone else, actually put the dog in a plastic bag and threw him down the chute.

    Curtis's mother says she was given the dog and could not afford to care for it.

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