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Man Wrongfully Convicted of Rape Is Now Free



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    William McCaffrey is now a free man after being falsely accused of rape.

    After spending nearly four years behind bars for a rape he did not commit, William McCaffrey is once again a free man.

    "I've been waiting for this day a long time," McCaffrey said outside of court in lower Manhattan. He was convicted of taking part in the gang rape of Biurny Peguero, a crime that she now says never happened.

    Judge Richard Carruthers dismissed the case against him after Ms. Peguero admitted she lied about the rape. 

    Monday, Ms. Peguero made that admission in court and according to her attorney, Paul Callan, has been "haunted with guilt for sending this innocent man to prison."

    Callan offered this explanation, "sometimes when people lie once they repeat the lie and its hard to back down and back out."

    He added, that is not a justification for her actions. McCaffrey would have spent 20 years behind bars for a crime he never committed.

    Judge Carruthers, conveyed his "personal regrets,"  for unintentionally taking part in this injustice.

    In court, the Judge said, a wrongful conviction is  "not simply an injustice for the injured party but also a catastrophe both for him and for the criminal justice system."

    When the judge dismissed the case, McCaffrey's mother and aunt  broke out in applause. Afterward, McCaffrey had no words for Ms. Peguero.

    Ms. Peguero will be sentenced for perjury on February 9th and could spend up to 7 years behind bars.