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Lady Gaga and Queens Personality on the C/E



    Meeting Veterans’ Special Needs in Hospice
    Lady GaGa in Dublin, Ireland.

    An MTA worker from Queens wants you to get off that bench -- yes, you in the red shirt! -- at the 23rd Street C/E Manhattan subway station (And we love her for it). Watch the video below. [The Awl]

    The (midtown?) offices of Gourmet after the firings -- a gloomy place. [Gawker]

    A homeless man allegedly died in Union Square today while police stood nearby, telling one bystander, "Why dont you go push the man. I ain't touching 'em. He could be napping, you wanna take that risk? Go home." [Gothamist]

    Tweetlerdoos were going cra-zay today on the LES with Lady Gaga sightings. [The Lo-down]

    Don't spit out your Diet Cokes when I tell you this, but the Halloween Parade route through Park Slope has changed. [OTBKB]

    Heather Mills is (not) bringing her vegan restaurant to the Bronx. [BoogieDowner]

    Adrien Grenier is not pulling his weight around the Park Slope Food Co-op. [FIPS]

    The NYPost fired an editor who was critical of the racist chimpanzee cartoon earlier this year. [Fishbowl NY]

    Swine Flu vaccinations have officially begun in New York City not with a bang but "with a few squirts." [City Room]