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It's Another Scorcher, But Pools Open Today

Cooling centers opened around the region



    It's Another Scorcher, But Pools Open Today
    NYC pools open for summer June 29.

    If you need to cool off today as temperatures hover around 90 degrees you can do it poolside -- as the city’s 54 outdoor public pools officially open for summer.

    While the parks department had previously stated that certain pools would be closed for the season due to budgetary concerns, officials ultimately decided to open all the city’s outdoor swimming pools.

    With a projected high of 90 degrees today, the city has opened cooling centers throughout the five boroughs.  Due to the heat and humidity, the National Weather Service has declared an extreme heat weather advisory for the tri-state area between 11 am and 7 pm today. 

    There were scattered power outages yesterday and today, Con Edison reports.  The electrical company was asking customers to conserve electricity, as air conditioners were putting an increased strain on the system.  Although the official conservation call has been remanded, 500 customers in Brooklyn and a  handful in other areas of the city remain without power.  Con Edison was delivering dry ice to people without power to help keep them cool in this scorching weather.

    Ozone is a major component of smog and can gather at ground level in summer heat, the Department of Environmental Conservation advises.  People working or exercising outside or those with asthma or other respiratory conditions should try to avoid strenuous out-of-doors activity, particularly from afternoon to early evening.  Due to the cooler temperatures, ozone levels generally decrease at night.

    Cooling centers are public places where air conditioning is available, such as Department for the Aging senior centers and Salvation Army community centers.  A full list can be found here, or you can call 311 (TTY: 212 504 4115).  To reach the city's Air Quality Hotline, call: 1-800-535-1345.