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Gunman Called 911 After Connecticut Massacre

"I wish I could have gotten more of the people."



    Omar Thornton called the emergency operator after going on his horrific killing spree at a beer distributor in Manchester, CT. -- and bragged that he wished he could have shot more workers. (Published Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010)

    State Police have released a 911 call from the man who shot and killed 8 people inside Hartford Distributors Tuesday morning.

     During the call, Omar Thornton very calmly tells the dispatcher he shot his co-workers because he considered it "a racist place."

    "This is Omar Thornton, the shooter over in Manchester," Thornton said as he called 911.

    Dispatcher: "Yes, where are you sir?"

    Thornton: "I'm in the building. Um, you probably want to know the reason why I shot this place up. This place here is a racist place."

    Dispatcher: "Yup, I understand that."

    Thornton: "They treat me bad over here, and treat all other black employees bad over here, too. So I took things into my own hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have gotten more of the people."

    The State Police dispatcher tried to get Thornton to surrender, but Thornton told him police would have to come in and get him. 

    "I'm not going to kill nobody else now," Thornton told the dispatcher.

    "Tell my people I love them and I got to go now," was the last thing Thornton said.