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Former "Dirty 30" Cop Arrested in Chinatown

Former cop Russell Litwenak is accused of robbery and criminal impersonation of a police officer



    Former "Dirty 30" Cop Arrested in Chinatown

    A former NYPD cop, disgraced during the notorious “Dirty 30” scandal in the '90s, was arrested on Monday and accused of stealing $3,000 from a woman in Chinatown, according to court papers.

    Russell Litwenak, who was fired from the NYPD in 1994 following his conviction on burglary charges, was taken into custody around 3 p.m. near Forsyth and Chrystie streets, after a woman called police claiming he took the cash when it fell out of her purse, according to a criminal complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court.

    The woman told police she dropped the money while walking to pay her rent. An unknown man, believed to be working with Litwenak, came up to her and grabbed the money as she was putting it back into her purse and took off with it, according to court papers.

    She followed that man when she says the 68-year-old ex-cop came out of nowhere and grabbed her by the collar. She says he held her against the wall, and told her that he was a cop. Investigators believe that Litwenak and the man, who was able to get away, were working together. 
    The victim was able to alert people on the street to what was happening and they held Litwenak for police. 
    According to the criminal complaint, Litwenak was charged with robbery and criminal impersonation of a police officer. He is being held on $15,000 bond.
    The “Dirty 30” scandal rocked the NYPD in the '90s after more than 30 cops were arrested for illegally raiding drug dealers' apartments, stealing cash and drugs.