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New Generation of Cars Makes Debut on Metro-North



    New Generation of Cars Makes Debut on Metro-North

    The first of Metro-North’s new, electric rail cars are now bringing commuters from Connecticut to New York.

    The six-car train left Stamford at 10:30 a.m., taking passengers to Grand Central Terminal and all stops in between, Metro-North spokesperson Marjorie Anders said.

    The train will return at 2:10 p.m. and arrive in Stamford at 3:17 p.m.

    Just the one train featuring the M-8 railcars is in operation for now. Another train, also six cars, should arrive next month.

    The new cars have higher seat backs, larger windows, improved lighting, automated announcements and signage and 110-volt outlets throughout the cars to plug in smart phones or laptop.

    Tim McCarthy, Metro-North Railroad’s senior vice president of capital programs, told the Connecticut Post that the testing process on the M-8 cars will take 15 months, which is about six months shorter than testing for M-7 cars in 2002, the Post reports.

    The first of the trains comes at an especially difficult time for Metro-North trains. Waterbury has no train service and is operating only the buses. Many New Haven line trains have been out of commission because of age and weather problems.

    The M-8 cars are being paid for in part by a rate hike for riders. A 1.25 percent increase goes into effect in mid-2011. There will be a 1 percent hike each year after for the next six years.