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Cops Decline Booze Probe in Taconic Crash

Man found alive upstate four days after he went missing



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    State Police say they don't plan to investigate whether a Lower East Side man had been drinking before a bizarre highway crash that left him stuck in a swamp for four days.

    Thomas Wopat-Moreau told investigators that he lost control of his BMW on the Taconic State Parkway early last Sunday when he swerved to avoid a deer as he drove home from a party.

    The car wound up more than 400 feet into a swampy woods in a secluded area near Gallatin, 45 miles south of Albany.

    The 22-year-old was so badly injured, he couldn't walk. Police said Friday that he tried banging on his car with a stick, but no one heard.

    Captain Scott Brown of the New York State Police told NBCNewYork that Moreau was driving north early Sunday morning when the road veered suddenly to the left. Apparently Moreau kept going straight and didn't realize he had driven off road until about 400 feet later when his car hit something, went airborne, flipped and crashed, said Brown.

    Sustaining injuries to his back and legs, Moreau crawled around in the woods and swamp for four days before being found, police said.

    State Troopers searching for Moreau had spotted his car at around 2:10 p.m. Thursday, then heard the young man yelling, "Over here, over here!" said Brown.

    When cops reached him his first words were "I'm so glad to see you guys," according to Brown.

    Troopers said they were able to focus their search by a signal from Moreau's cell phone before it died. State Police Capt. Scott Brown says that there is no criminal investigation.