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Brooklyn's "Hipster Grifter" Sends World's Slowest @Reply



    Brooklyn's "Hipster Grifter" Sends World's Slowest @Reply
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    Kari Ferrell, the infamous swindler of the hearts and dollars of young Brooklyn boys and known to many as the "Hipster Grifter," wrote a letter from prison to Bucky Turco of the blog Animal New York, which he rightfully published. In it, Ms. Ferrell essentially exposes her Google Alert for "Hipster Grifter" (Hi Kari!) and replies with a number messages to commenters on Twitter and a few in the media.

    For example, on October 1st, Rex Sorgatztweeted "Prediction: Hipster Grifter becomes becomes Gawker staff writer once she's released from prison. I'M SO RIGHT." In the most recent letter, Ferrell directly responds to him. "Fimoculous," she writes, "if I became a Gawker staff writer, what would they have to write about?" When reached via e-mail, Sorgatz wrote, "I'm deeply honored. However, I have a question: Are you actually allowed to read Twitter in jail? If so, those nine months should fly by for her!"

    Let's peel back some of these layers here and gulp for air, shall we? First, we have a minor Internet sensation in prison way out in Utah completely in tune with a few tweets mentioning her media-given nickname. We thank friends, or Google. Second, we have said minor Internet sensation replying to said tweets via pencil, paper, and good old-fashioned USPS. And in doing so, said minor Internet sensation manages to dish out a feathery insult to the city's biggest media blog, Gawker, by saying they would be lost for coverage without her. It's all quite an impressive blend of cross-media communications.

    In the rest of the correspondence, our favorite criminal dishes on last week's news -- she notes the Kanye thing, "the beards on those Zazi terrorist dudes," and her wish to "throw multiple felafels at Mr. O'Reilly, as usual," also noting that "natural selection needs to hurry and pick him off." Eesch, she's really throwing the firebombs from out west! What will come next, Ms. Grifter? A book deal? Can you call it Hipster Grifter: An American Life? I hear those titles sell real well, no matter if you actually write it or not.