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Brooklyn Mom, Dad With Cancer Get Holiday Surprise

Elisa and Nathan Bond's blog chronicling their devastating diagnoses became a place where strangers offered support



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    Nathan and Elisa Bond with their daughter Sadie in early 2011

    A Brooklyn husband and wife who were both diagnosed with cancer in a single week have received a Christmas wish.

    Elisa and Nathan Bond, who were each given less than five years to live, discovered this week that Elisa's cancer was gone.

    Back in March, Elisa's prospects of survival looked grim: her cancer had spread to the liver and brain.

    But Tuesday morning, the couple shared some incredible news on the Today Show: after rigorous chemo treatments and medication, all of Elisa's cancer is gone.

    "I am what they call N.E.D.," Elisa said on the Today Show. "No evidence of disease. It's the best news I can get."

    Dr. Adam Brufsky, a professor of medicine and director of the breast cancer center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, told the Today Show that Elisa's case was one of a select few.

    “In my practice this has happened in about 3 to 5 percent of [comparable] patients,” Brufsky said.

    Many came to know the couple's story through their detailed blog, which was originally launched as a way to document their family as their daughter grew up.

    But when they were diagnosed with cancer, the blog became a way for the Bonds to share their struggles with the world. The blog was also where the Bonds shared their happy news this week.

    The couple, who have a 2-year-old daughter, isn't out of the woods yet: Nathan has surgery scheduled for January, with routine check-ups to follow.

    But with the future looking a lot brighter, the couple said they plan to celebrate with a long overdue vacation.