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Brooklyn Bike Ticket Spike

Cyclists are being ticketed at nearly double the rate they were last year.



    Brooklyn Bike Ticket Spike
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    Police are ticketing cyclists in Brooklyn at nearly double the rate they did last year, according to a published report.

    The Brooklyn Paper reports police wrote at least 695 bicycle summonses in February, compared with 375 in the same month last year.

    The figures were released to the paper this week.

    One cyclist who was ticketed for running a red light insisted the light was yellow and said she didn't think she was "taking an extraordinary risk."

    "If they're going to enforce laws they never did before, they should give us a warning," Erin Quirk told the paper.

    She lost when she fought the $190 ticket.

    Police recently announced a crackdown on rogue cyclists amid an expansion of bike lanes citywide, which has attracted new riders to the sport.

    A police spokeswoman told the paper that the crackdown is necessary because of a rise in bicycle accidents and to ensure "pedestrian safety."