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After "Occupy," Wall Street Bull Barricades Still Up

Community businesses say the barricades turn away tourists



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    The bronze bull remains behind barricades as of Dec. 26. Authorities say the bull may be a target for vandalism.

    More than a month after Occupy Wall Street activists were removed from a Manhattan park, the bronze bull where the movement started is still surrounded by police barricades — and some New Yorkers want them down.

    Arthur Picollo, who chairs the Bowling Green Association community alliance, tells the New York Post that it's "outlandish" to keep visitors away from one of the city's most popular monuments.

    Occupy protesters first gathered by the bull on Sept. 17, before building their encampment in nearby Zuccotti Park.

    Police evicted them from the privately owned public park in mid-November.

    Authorities say the bull that symbolizes Wall Street wealth must be protected because it's a possible target of vandalism.