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Bronx Man Saves Victim on Tracks for 2nd Time

He jumped to save a man who fell on the tracks.



    Bronx Man Saves Victim on Tracks for 2nd Time
    Many MTA employees have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime pay.

     A Bronx doorman risked his life in the subway for the second time when he saved a stranger who fell on the train tracks.

    Carlos Cancel told the Daily News he jumped in the tracks 72nd St. Station at 1 a.m Friday, nearly twenty years after he says he did the same thing to save a man who fell off the tracks at the 34th Street Station.
     "It was like a flashback," Cancel, 41, told the paper. "I was thinking to myself, 'How could this happen to me twice?'"
    The second encounter came after Cancel noticed a man staggering towards the train tracks. He said he seemed to be intoxicated. Soon after, he heard two women scream as the 30-year-old man lost his footing and fell face-first into the train tracks.
    He told the women to dial 911, checked for an oncoming train, then jumped down to save the man.
    Cancel describes himself as a "short, stocky Puerto Rican", standing at 5-feet-6--but he still managed to scoop up the nearly 6-foot-tall man and toss him back on to the platform. 
    FDNY officials confirmed the man was bleeding from his face and forehead and taken to New York Downtown Hospital.
    As for the superhero, Cancel says he just acted on instinct.
    "I couldn't let this poor guy die," he said. "I'm glad I was there to help."