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Terrorists Could Kidnap Bloomy's Kids, GOPer Says

Rep. John Shadegg drags kids into a lot of his political debates



    Terrorists Could Kidnap Bloomy's Kids, GOPer Says
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    An Arizona congressman who believes it's a security risk to prosecute suspected 9/11 terrorists in Manhattan has apologized for dragging Mayor Michael Bloomberg's daughters into his political diatribe.

    In a rant to Congress last night, Rep. John Shadegg said this:

    "I saw the Mayor of New York said today, "We're tough. We can do it." Well, Mayor, how are you going to feel when it's your daughter that's kidnapped at school by a terrorist? How are you going to feel when it's some clerk -- some innocent clerk of the court -- whose daughter or son is kidnapped? Or the jailer's little brother or little sister? This is political correctness run amok."

    Shadegg took heat for the obtuse comment both from the media and Democratic lawmakers.

    New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, on the House floor today, demanded an apology.

    “For any member of this House to suggest that somehow to support the decision to have a trial would jeopardize the family member of the mayor of the City of New York is outrageous,” Weiner said. “That member should apologize. That member then should be quiet.”

    Shadegg did tell the Assoicated Press today that he was (sort of) sorry for the remark.
    "I apologize for the insensitivity of my remarks with respect to the mayor or his family, however I think it is important to note that this decision involves potential risk to innocent people," Shadegg said.


    During his ran on the House floor Monday night, Shadegg didn't explain how "political correctness" governed the Justice Department's decision to prosecute the five alleged 9/11 conspirators in civilian court -- as opposed to military tribunals.


    He also didn't mention that a slight majority of New Yorkers are in favor of holding the trials in the city where most of the victims lived and worked.   For his part, Bloomberg said last week "it is fitting that 9/11 suspects face justice near the World Trade Center site where so many New Yorkers were murdered."   Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser said today "we're not dignifying this with a response.''

    This wasn't the first time Shadegg has drawn someone else's kids into his political grandstanding. Remember this?