Bloomberg Says Central Park Tragedy Was "Act of God" - NBC New York

Bloomberg Says Central Park Tragedy Was "Act of God"

Meanwhile City's Park Department still investigating what caused tree branch to fall.



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    Bloomberg said no one may be to blame in tragic park accident.

    New York CityMayor Michael Bloomberg says the falling tree branch that killed a 6-month-old baby may have just been "an act of God."

    Police say there is no criminality suspected in the death of 6-month-old Gianna Ricciutti of Union City, N.J. The child's mother, Karla DelGallo, 33, is in stable condition with head trauma at New York Hospital

    She was posing with the baby at the Central Park Zoo just before 2 p.m. on Saturday when the branch fell.

    The city's parks department is investigating the incident. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday the branch was healthy, and there was no reason to believe a tree pruner would've thought to remove the limb.

    A city source tells NBCNewYork the tree was within jurisdiction of the zoo, which is maintained by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

    This is the second victim of a tree branch at the park this year. In February, a man was killed in Central Park when a snow-covered branch snapped from a tree and slammed onto his head.