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2 Children Die After Mother Finds Them Hanging in Basement of Berks County Home, Police Say

On Sept. 23, the mother of Conner and Brinley Snyder found both of her children hanging in the basement of their Berks County home, according to investigators



    Investigation Into Deaths of Children Found Unconscious Continues

    Many questions remain unanswered after two children were found unconscious at a home in Albany Township, Berks County, and then died a few days later. While autopsies were performed on the children, neighbors still feel no closer to getting closure.

    (Published Monday, Sept. 30, 2019)

    State police have released details on the deaths of a brother and sister who were both found unconscious in their home in Albany Township, Pennsylvania.

    On Sept. 23, shortly after 2:30 p.m., State police received a call reporting 8-year-old Conner Snyder and his sister, 4-year-old Brinley Snyder, were found by their mother unresponsive in the basement of their home on the 2400 block of Route 143.

    Medics arrived at the scene a few minutes later and found the siblings in the basement hanging about three feet apart from a single wired cable with plastic coating and ends containing swivel eye snap hooks, according to the affidavit.

    The wire was wrapped around the main support beam in the basement and each end of the wire was wrapped around the childrens' necks. Medics also found two dining room chairs that were knocked over and next to the children.

    The siblings were airlifted to Lehigh Valley Hospital, Cedar Crest, where they died three days later. An autopsy last week was inconclusive. The coroner has said forensic testing is needed before he can rule on the cause and manner of death.

    Police searched inside the home for evidence and confiscated several electronic items, including cellphones, iPads, computers and an Xbox that Conner often used, according to his mother.

    No arrests have been made. Police continue to investigate.