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Bear Tranquilized in Downtown Conn. Town

The bear was found in a tree in New Britain Monday morning



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    A black bear like this one was found in a tree in New Britain, Conn.

    A bear that was found up a tree in downtown New Britain has been tranquilized and will be relocated.

    Environmental police shot the bear with a sedative Monday morning and waited about an hour before it fell to the ground. The animal had climbed a tree near a hotel on Columbus Boulevard.

    The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is expected to weigh the bear before releasing it into the wild.

    New Britain Mayor Timothy O'Brien issued an alert about bears Friday after several sightings were reported around the city.

    City officials had urged people to keep close watch of pets and small children and to keep garbage secure. State officials said the bears seen in the area were not reported to display aggressive behavior.