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Attempted Murder Charges for Alleged Subway Pusher



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    Authorities say a man accused of abruptly pushing a woman into an oncoming New York City subway train told bystanders he couldn't explain his behavior. The woman was hit but survived.

    Jose Rojas is being held without bail after his arraignment Thursday on attempted murder and assault charges. He didn't enter a plea. His lawyer didn't immediately return a telephone call Friday.

    Victim Ute Linhart is hospitalized with broken ribs and other injuries after the incident Wednesday at a Manhattan subway station.

    Authorities say the 25-year-old Rojas shoved her from behind as a train approached. The documents say bystanders stopped him from running away, and he told them: "I don't know why I pushed her."

    Linhart, who works as creative director for Bravado, a Manhattan design firm that makes baubles for celebrities, tells the New York Post she'll never take a subway again.

    "I'm never going to go down there again. I'd rather pay for a cab or walk or take the bus," she said. "I wasn't even standing near the edge. I was a few feet away."