2 Dead Newborns Found Wrapped in Paper on NYC Building Patio: Police

Police are looking for surveillance video in the area for potential leads

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Authorities are investigating the deaths of two newborn boys who were found wrapped in brown paper on the patio of a Bronx building Monday afternoon, police officials say.

According to police, the superintendent of the multi-story building on College Avenue in the Concourse section found the baby boys, both thought to be only a week old, on the patio just before 2 p.m. After the horrible discovery, both babies were rushed to Bronx Lebanon Hospital where they were pronounced dead a short time later.

It wasn't clear who left them there or how they may have died. Police are looking for surveillance video in the area for potential leads. They had no information on who the parents might be as of mid-afternoon Monday, officials said, or how they ended up where they were found.

Sources close to the investigation said one of the babies had a blue string tied around his neck.

Two newborns were found dead in the Bronx on Monday night. Ida Siegal reports.

Police officials held a brief press conference later in the afternoon, but much was still unknown about the found infants.

"This is very early in our investigation. We're asking the public for help. If you can, if you know something, can you please call," said NYPD Chief Timothy McCormack.

Officers could not confirm whether the boys were twins, let alone whether they were related. A woman who lives in the building said she didn't remember seeing anyone pregnant, and wondered how the children were left in such a location.

"I was surprised because there's no way to get back there. I don't know how somebody would get back there or to put babies, that's just crazy," said Tytiana Lomax.

Others in the neighborhood said even if the parents or whomever left the babies were overwhelmed, there are other options.

"You could take the baby to the police station, to church, anywhere. you don't have to leave the baby like that," said Roy Brown.

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