15-Foot Swastika Etched Into Pond

Someone carved a 225-square foot swastika into a pond on a New York/New Jersey border – and police want to find out who did it.

People who live near the Suffern/Mahwah border found the 15-foot by 15-foot anti-Semitic symbol surrounded by two smaller ones carved into the ice at the Foxwood Pond Wednesday morning, according to the Journal News.

It looks like whoever did it used a snow shovel to engrave the hateful sketches into the ice at the pond where locals often come to ice skate. Aside from the swastikas, the carver also etched something that looked like male private parts into the ice, reported the Journal News.

“At this point, it is not a permanent scar,” Suffern Police Detective Craig Long told the paper. “You have to look from the shore, and know what you were looking for.”

If you’ve got any idea who committed the dastardly act, call police at 845-357-2300.

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