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No Vaccine, No Vino: City Winery Mulls Mandatory Vaccines for Guests

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A popular New York City venue serving up wine, dinner and live entertainment is considering making vaccinations mandatory for patrons.

With live performances back on the menu, City Winery is looking into the idea of creating a vaccine bubble starting May 1.

Over the weekend, the location reopened to sold out, limited-capacity shows as the state allowed entertainment venues to host live performances.

Right now, you can attend a concert after getting a temperature check and filling out a health screening.

Founder and CEO Michael Dorf says the company wants even higher safety standards once more people have had an opportunity to be vaccinated.

"There's City Winterys in a few states with open carry laws, but our rule is no guns at City Winery. That's our rule. We would like to create as safe a space as possible," Dorf told NBC New York.

City Winery says the policy would include limited exceptions, such as medical or religious reasons. The owners are also looking at requirements around proof of testing within specific windows of time.

"You gotta wear shoes and a shirt to come into our space, we don't want you to bring your gun and we would prefer if you got a vaccine," Dorf said.

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