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Mrs. Dow Jones Reacts to a 35-Year-Old Real Estate Appraiser Who Works 75-Hour Weeks and Earns $280,000 a Year

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Terrence Bilodeau knows how to hustle. The 35-year-old takes a salary of $280,000 per year as a real estate appraiser and realtor in Fort Worth, Texas. He also owns and manages 10 rental properties, in addition to the home he lives in and a vacant lot.

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Bilodeau works as much as he can, often seven days a week. To him, any time he takes off is time he's not getting paid.

Haley Sacks, better known as Mrs. Dow Jones, is impressed by his work ethic. "That's a lot of properties to manage. Now I know why he works seven days a week," she tells CNBC Make It, reacting to CNBC Make It's Millennial Money episode featuring Bilodeau, which was filmed in January 2020.

Bilodeau does indulge in a bit of self-care, though. His biggest monthly splurge is a spa membership. For $70 per month, he can get either a massage or a facial. Sacks approves: "I definitely am into the fact that he likes to invest in self-care. I am the same way," she says. 

She's less enthusiastic about some of his other financial decisions, however. To Bilodeau, "cash is trash." He aims to keep as much of his net worth as possible in investments, including stocks and real estate. He doesn't even have a savings account. 

"While I don't have [savings] in terms of liquid savings all the time, I have a lot of it in real estate, which produces cash flow, which to me is a better alternative to cash," he says.

Sacks worries that this strategy could backfire. What if one of his tenants refuses to move out? Not only would Bilodeau be in a tight spot trying to get cash, but "he could be in a big legal battle and potentially have huge expenses," she says. 

Sacks also disagrees with Bilodeau's no-days-off mentality. "I personally think that a vacation is so worth it," she says. "There are a ton of studies about investing in experiences and how you get so much out of that." 

Overall, Sacks would give Bilodeau a 7.8 out of 10, taking points off in part for not having a savings account, therefore "leaving himself open to financial risk and destruction," she says. 

She would also like to see him leave more room in his schedule for fun and relaxation. "What's the good of having all this money… if you can't have a drink, go on vacation and enjoy yourself once in a while?" she says.

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