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Inside Patrick Mahomes' Workout and Eating Habits

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In just four seasons with the NFL, 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been named league MVP as well as Super Bowl MVP, and on Sunday he's headed to his second Super Bowl against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mahomes also has a record 10-year, nearly $500 million contract with the Chiefs.

To help reach such success, Mahomes has been working with the same performance coach, Bobby Stroupe, since he was in the fourth grade, according to Men's Health. (Mahomes' dad, Pat Mahomes, Sr., was Major League Baseball pitcher.)

Stroupe told Men's Health that his top priority for Mahomes' usual training program is to keep him "healthy" and "resilient."

Stroupe said Mahome's workouts include a combination of medicine ball exercises, like granny tosses and situp med ball throws; track work, like single-leg broad jumps and cone speed drill work; and strength training, like front-foot-elevated split squats, three-position isometric pullups, cable push pulls and weighted hip thrusts. Stroupe recounted Mahome's entire workout for Men's Health.

(Unlike Mahomes, his Super Bowl opponent Brady, doesn't use weights for his big game workouts. Instead he uses resistance bands to focus on speed, agility and core stability, Brady's longtime trainer Alex Guerrero previously told Men's Journal.)

As for his diet, Mahomes told Men's Journal in 2018 that he usually eats four to five small meals a day. He said he typically spreads out his dinner (into a couple meals) to make sure he's not eating too much at any one time.

Still, Mahomes must have some cheat days: According to Postmates, his most-ordered items in 2018 and 2019 included burrito bowls from Chipotle and chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-A. He also ordered prime rib and barbecue with French fries from local Kansas City restaurants.

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