ABC Makes Play for Jay

The president of ABC Entertainment declared publicly today he'd love to see Jay Leno on his network if the "Tonight Show" host leaves NBC. "I can't believe they're going to let this guy go at the top of his game," Stephen McPherson told members of the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles. "If that happens, we will certainly look at it. Someone like Leno doesn't come along every year. So that is a huge possibility." Ironically, the question about Leno came from ABC's current late night host Jimmy Kimmel, posing as a reporter for a gag. Leno's arrival would probably move Kimmel to a later time spot. "I think there is absolutely room for both (Leno and Kimmel)," McPherson said. "That would be an interesting pairing." Leno is being replaced by Conan O'Brien at the end of 2009, but won't be available until 2010. Since NBC announced the transistion plan, Leno has indicated he wants to continue on the air - and has become one of the most sought after stars in television.

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