Your V-Day Dinner Plans Might Save New York

Three restaurants are planning to shutter on February 15 -- and more may be pinning their survival on a flush Valentine's Day take

Here's today's dose of grim recession-spawned news: The Observer reports that Valentine's Day -- traditionally one of the restaurant scene's most dependably bankable nights of the year, what with twosomes checking "romantic dinner" off their V-Day to-do list and special set menus (usually at higher prices) -- may be the death knell for restaurants all over town.

The Observer knows of three eateries closing on February 15th (including Bleecker Street's southwestern standby Miracle Grill) hoping to squeeze one last big night out of hungry New Yorkers before closing up shop, but notes that there are probably plenty of others waiting to see if February 14th will bring out dining couples in droves. And besides, a "full body count is hard to predict at this point because many proprietors are quite clandestine when it comes to closing."

So make your reservations today, people. Do it for New York!

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