WWD Looks at Stylists on a Shoestring

The styling profession intrigues us in general, between the creative vision and energy required to make others seem as cool as they are.  Today's WWD took a look at how they're styling around the recession.

We've all experienced the relative upside of a down economy, that force that drives creativity in the  face of hardship, so for stylists, whose entire livelihood depends on their ability to create something from nothing, basically, the recession presents a prime challenge.  In addition to the names at the top like Rachel Zoe, and her expanding clotheshorse conglomerate on TV and in inboxes, bookstores and malls nationwide, others in the field are doing what they do best to stay afloat - styling.  Anyone, even celebrities, can pluck the prettiest, poshest dress off the rack and look gorgeous.  What gave rise to the significance of stylists in the first place was the intrigue in these beings who see what others don't - they made it cool to pair, say, American Apparel with Chanel before anyone dared to dub everyone and her mother a recessionista

Plus, once people realize that someone who can put together a perfectly compiled ensemble can probably assemble your life in much the same, seamless way.  Stylists as the new life coach? Seems like people will always pay for help. 

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