Winona Ryder Stealing Again?

According to the Daily Mail, actress Winona Ryder "has been accused of losing 81,000 pounds (roughly $125,000) worth of diamonds loaned to her for a fashion awards ceremony."As most folks already know, celebrities are constantly being offered thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from various jewelry houses (Harry Winston, Fred Leighton, etc.) to wear at flashbulb-friendly events. Apparently Bulgari gave Ryder a seriously stunning diamond bracelet to wear at a Marie Claire magazine party. When they didn't get it back, they probably started to sweat a little. Ryder, you'll all remember, was embroiled in a not-too-private shoplifting scandal back in 2001—who knows, maybe the Bulgari people were even cracking a few jokes among themselves during the bracelet hand-off. Well, no one's laughing now. Except maybe us. Not only because of our collective sense of deja-vu, but also because of Ryder's defense strategy: Apparently she handed them to staff at her Madrid hotel for safekeeping. Seriously, Winona? Hotel staff?

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