Whitney Won't Catfight Olivia for Ratings

Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port are nobly resisting pressure from producers on The City to have a hair-pulling catfight to boost ratings. Madonna had brunch in the meatpacking district Sunday with her new 22-year-old Brazilian model boyfriend, Jesus Luz, and her kids Lourdes and David. Denise Rich made hummus and baba ghannouj for a party she threw for Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE's smokin' new bachelor ambassador to the U.S. Sienna Miller and friends had a four-hour brunch Sunday at Bagatelle on West 13th. Big masculine media types like Ken Auletta, Lewis Lapham, Gay Talese, and David Zinczenko hosted a Super Bowl party at the Oak Room in the Plaza. Oprah is giving $1.5 million to several Newark charities, including a drug-rehab center and a women's shelter. Lit agent Luke Janklow and his wife, Julie, recently separated, are already both seeing other people!

Jude Law and his friends went to see Fuerzabruta, the theater "event" (it's not quite a play), and then stayed and danced at the party after where you get rained on from the ceiling. Alleged-murderer-of-his-wife Robert Blake seemed to cower and squirm at a Super Bowl party when cornered by Cindy Adams. Cindy also says that Amy Winehouse is working on a TV documentary about addiction. And that Jack Black will play Gulliver, with Emily Blunt "as the tiny princess," in a movie based on ye olde Jonathan Swift character. Then Cindy complains that Yoko Ono didn't serve enough food at a MoMA dinner she gave. Meanwhile, Liz Smith says that Paul McCartney's new girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, is Barbara Walters's cousin. Get out, that's crazy (everyone knew that)! Also, Liz is seriously crushing on Stockard Channing in Pal Joey.

Detroit Piston Allen Iverson pulled out a wad of around $50,000 in cash at a casino. Vincent Gallo is selling a $750 black vinyl money wallet he guarantees will get owners laid. Joanna Molloy at the News reminds us that everybody's being watched and videotaped, not just celebs who smoke pot like Michael Phelps. John Mayer is too focused on his music to really take Jennifer Aniston seriously and give her the love and commitment she needs, say those on the inside. Jessica Biel threw her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, a surprise Super Bowl party for 100, including his parents. In his interview with Matt Lauer, President Obama read aloud a People magazine cover line about Jessica Simpson "losing a weight battle" in a way that kind of made it sound like he was saying it himself -- which, if he had, would've been pretty funny, albeit not very presidential.

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