What You're Doing Tonight, 6/12

Soap up for the NYC Bubble Battle, let Ida Maria rock your socks off, and whatever you do, don’t miss the Air Sex Championships.

SOAPING UP TIMES SQUARE: In case you’re unclear about how the NYC Bubble Battle works, let us explain: Show up in Times Square with some sort of bubble-generating tool or toy (a battery-powered gun if you’re high-tech, but no-one will scoff if you go with that old standby, the blow-wand), congregate at the red TKTS steps at Broadway and 47th Street, look for about 1500 other people with bubble-makers, and wait for the signal. Bubbles away. 6:15PM.

SINGING ALONG: Norway’s Ida Maria comes to Hiro Ballroom with her infectious, raucous stage persona and catchy-as-hell songs. All together now: “I like you so much better when you’re naked, I like me so much better when you’re naked…” 7:30PM.

WITNESSING HISTORY: We have a wedding to go to tonight. Do you have any idea how sad we are to be missing the New York Finals of the Air Sex Championships, where “athletes” do to fake partners as Air Guitarists do to fake guitars? Answer: Very. Highline Ballroom, 8PM. (See our preview here.)

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