What You're Doing Tonight: 11/10

Joan Didion talks Barack, Dr. Ruth explains FWB and the Tiger Lillies (probably) strip

WTF, DOC?: She's baaaack! Though Dr. Ruth Westheimer never really left, ja? The Filthy Frankfurter'll be at the Court Street Barnes & Noble discussing her new book Dr. Ruth's Guide to Teens and Sex Today, including a chapter on FWB. €10 says she mentions Gossip Girl. 7PM.

BRAIN TRUST: Didion! Delbanco! Pinckney! It's a veritable pile-up of lit luminaries at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library as a gaggle of politically-bent New York Review of Books scribes ponder What Happens Now (a.k.a. Be Careful What You Wish For: Obama Edition). 7PM.

VIRTUES & VICE: Naughty Brit neo-vaudevillians The Tiger Lillies enchant the Highline Ballroom crowd, alongside irreverent, faux-old-timey, banjo pickin' Curtis Eller's American Circus. 7:30PM.

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