What You're Doing This Weekend, V-Day Edition

Manilow. Anthony. Shirtless Russians. This may be your best weekend ever.

ALL HAIL: Scoff all you want, but somewhere, somehow, we've all made out to the dulcet tones of Barry Manilow. So who better to spend Valentine's Day with? He does write the songs, after all. Nassau Coliseum, Saturday, 8PM.

ALL HAIL, PARTE DOS: Unless, of course, you'd rather spend Valentine's Day with the Latino Manilow, a.k.a. Marc Anthony. Let him serenade you with his Concierto Del Amor (sí) at Madison Square Garden, and try to spot a jealous-looking J.Lo in the audience. Saturday, 8PM.

STRETCH: Thanks to Om Factory's Valentine's Day couples yoga workshops, you and your squeeze can limber up so you don't sprain anything once you get home. Saturday, 7 to 10PM.

CELLULOVE: Millennium Film Workshop presents Love Actually II: Short Films About Love, Sex & Romance. Feel cultured, mingle with the filmmakers, and get boozy at the afterparty. Saturday, 7PM.

HOT TUB: You know how Cupid is always portrayed as this short, shirtless, chubby guy? That usually describes the crowd at Kensington's Russian Baths, but their Steamy Valentine's Night Event - complete with free vodka - should bring out a different crowd. Saturday, 7PM.

REVVED: With all this mushy-gushy Valentine's stuff, it's easy to overlook the fact that the Daytona 500 is on Sunday. But not at ESPN Zone in Times Square. No, their Official NASCAR Viewing Party will make the race pretty much inescapable. Sunday, 1:30PM.

IN THE BEGINNING: Your life is interesting enough for a memoir, right? Sure it is - all you need is some expert advice on how to get started. 92nd Street Y's Art of the Memoir lecture can help. It's packed with lit types (like Kathryn "I Kissed My Father" Harrison and the Lopates - Philip and Leonard) who know their stuff. Sunday, 7:30PM.

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