We're Loving: Pantofola D'Oro

Whenever summer goes into "high" mode, we start our mad search for the perfect pair of kicks.  Rare moments of comfort in the sweltering NY heat implore us to forgo heels and turn to something pragmatic like supportive, rubber-soled sneaks.  Lucky us!  There's a new kid in town -- a quirky, head-turning, Italian kid at that.

Originally launched as a line of sporting shoes for soccer and football in 1886, Pantofola D'Oro may not exactly fit the definition of new kid in town (let's say famous lineage) but by recently teaming up with Fiat heir and fashion savant, Lapo Elkann, the line has been given new life in the form of some of the coolest sneakers we've come across. Best of all, there's more to this collection than just kicks -- the ballet flats are equally capable of footwear domination. Plus, there's something inherently comforting about the fact that these shoes were originally designed for the athletes' soles.

Achy, cranky feet be damned -- this is what we want to be wearing.  Our Converse are already a little jealous.

Pantofola D'Oro are sold at Erica Tanov- 204 Elizabeth St. between Prince and Spring Street. 

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