Week in Review: Welcome to the Meeting, Twitchy

We did it, people! We made it through another one! Let's put this puppy to pasture, shall we?

-- Did you see this week's Lost? Total Vulture shout-out!

-- Hey, do you know any white rappers besides Asher Roth and Eminem? Our awesome commenters and Sasha Frere-Jones sure do.

-- Who's got two thumbs and is totally awesome? JACKMAN, that's who! Despite lying studio bosses, swine-flu attacks, and an exhausting date with Oprah, Wolverine is on pace to have a big weekend. Happy endings for everyone! Except for Harry Knowles, that is.

-- While Spock was busy avoiding swine flu, J.J. Abrams wanted everyone to know that he made Star Trek not just for Trekkies, but for everyone. Well, except for William Shatner and people with sensitive retinas.

-- Is Alexa Chung the next Carson Daly? Is Miranda Cosgrove the next Miley Cyrus? Is this guy the next 2PAC?

-- Poor Matt Giraud, he became the first person ever to be voted off of Idol three times. Poor Paula Abdul, she got duped by Brüno. Poor us, for having to put up with Music of Legendary Schizophrenic Homeless People night.

--  We tried our darndest, but couldn't come up with any thematic parallels for the following links. Don't let that stop you from reading our list of top ten porn-star crossovers, listening to Julia Roberts drop F-bombs, watching sexist Mad Men commercials, or buying the new Bob Dylan record (despite <a href="
http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2009/04/whats_the_problem_with_the_new.html">its lack of a good last song).

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