Week in Review: Hotshot Medicine Man Edition

We don't know what you guys think, but one of our favorite things to read each day is the Gossipmonger roundup our well-coiffed siblings over at Daily Intel put together. After all, where else can you get so much great information packed into such a compact space? We love it so much that we decided to ape the style as best we could for this week's Roll Credits. Yes, that's right, we don't have to work tomorrow. As Trey Parker and Matt Stone would say, "America, fuck yeah!" Anyway, here goes ...

Michael Jackson saved the record industry (twice!) and bequeathed his kids (or are they?) to Diana Ross. AEG had trouble figuring out how to refund MJ ticketholders without bankrupting their company, but probably leaked footage of his last performance to CNN. Al Sharpton and Spike Lee boogied. Bubbles didn't get much love from either Michael or Quincy Jones.

Ben Silverman screened The Philanthropist for Bo, the White House dog. Katherine Heigl faked it. Hugh Jackman joined the Academy. The strangely unsexy Johnny Depp fought with Michael Mann. Michael Bay got even richer and then partnered with James Frey, and HarperCollins made sure they got a piece of the action. Simon Cowell got rich and didn't even have to partner with James Frey to do it. Paula Abdul sat on a Mexican. Jay-Z shut down Chris Brown. Matt Damon got fat. Lindsay Lohan took off her pants. Alice Hoffman and Alain de Botton didn't exactly endear themselves to critics, though both would later apologize, sort of. Some bands still hate each other. Julie White continued winning us over. Movie studios couldn't figure out how to market to hipsters. And the "Hell, Yes!" sign got saved!

See you on Monday!

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