Videogaming on a Stationary Bicycle


Who knows how this contraption was dreamt up, but apparently "exergaming" is a thing, and this is out there -- the Xdream, a stationary bicycle hooked up to a competitive video game. 

In fact, the Xdream's been around in the UK since 2008, but the bike just hit the US in January.

The point of the Xdream, according to the manufacturing company Trixter, is to keep riders entertained and challenged through the video simulation screen. Bikers can race themselves, the machine or people sitting on a neighoring Xdream bike.

The company claims the Xdream burns 55 percent more calories than the traditional stationary bike because its handlebars move and rotate laterally: "The handlebars engage the torso, core and upper body unlike a traditional stationary bike," according to a press release.

If you're intrigued but don't feel like shelling out a cool $7,000 for an Xdream just yet, you can check it out at Chelsea Piers -- it's the only place in New York City carrying the Xdream right now. A company spokesperson says, though, the bikes will begin rolling out to gyms across New York City -- and the rest of the country -- this summer.

"The Xdream totally accommodates any fitness level," spokesperson Joanna said in an email. "Before you begin your ride on it, you enter a ton of pertinent personal data (height, weight, age, etc.), so it then tailors a workout to your body's specifics." 

Here's a video demonstration of the Xdream, from the company's website:

Xdream V3 2010 from Trixter on Vimeo.

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