Underground Supper Clubs Unite, Host $125 Dinner

Not since the 1957 summit of the Cosa Nostra bosses have so many important underground figures put aside their differences to work together for a common goal. On November 14 and 15, five of the city's underground supper clubs—The Whisk & Ladle, Homeslice West, StudioFeast, The Ghetto Gourmet, and LightBulb Oven—will host 150-seat 12-course $125 dinners in an undisclosed Manhattan loft. Of course a secret password is involved (which we may give you if you ask nicely).

Our advice: take your $125 to Corton; put it towards Tom: Tuesday Dinner where you know you'll get excellent food. But we're sure that even in this economy, there are enough people that go crazy for this kind of thing—the intrigue, the communality, the open bar—that they'll have no trouble filling the seats.
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