Um, No: Mischa Barton

We were all ready to celebrate Mischa's triumphant return after her scary stint in a psych ward ... until she showed up wearing this.

Seriously! At this point, wouldn't you be trying to reestablish your credibility in the industry by wearing something chic and ladylike -- maybe a little bit French? Now is not the time to arrive at an event wearing a goth-inspired sexy spiderwoman-esque get-up and romp around a party with Heatherette's Richie Rich. One may as well wear a giant banner reading, "Yes, I'm still slightly unstable and likely still on drugs."

Sigh. We're mostly frustrated because, dangit, her face looks positively luminous. She's a very pretty girl, and under all that eyeliner she's been wearing recently, we'd almost forgotten. And we like what she's done with you hair. Very shiny. We hope it's the new healthy living.

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