Um, No: Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone

Okay, you two. I know you're getting married this weekend and all, so maybe it was the sense of utter exuberance over the upcoming nuptials that led to these outfits, but seriously. You're both handsome men. This has to be stopped.

Lorenzo: You're wearing nerd glasses and suspenders. Now, were those two things to be separated, maybe we could make this work. As it stands, this looks like a costume. Or a tribute to Steve Urkel. Either way, this look's holding you back.

Marc: You're wearing a skirt and carrying a clutch. Now, personally, we're big fans of the whole men-in-skirts concept, and there's nothing wrong with a man-clutch, but again, by combining the two you seem to be pushing the envelope.

Overall, the two of you look like you should be going to a Halloween party, not "The September Issue" premiere. Again, we're only picking on you because you're both usually so darn charming.

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