Times Square Hotel Tops List of Nation’s Dirtiest

Hotel Carter gets a dubious honor in TripAdvisor's "Dirtiest Hotels 2009" list. Will it clean up its act?

Ricky Rhodes/Flickr Creative Commons

Hey, remember when Times Square was filthy? And no, not "Peepworld" filthy, the other kind, with rats and roaches and a steady stream of poop in the gutter. (Rent Taxi Driver for a refresher course, or if your only experience of Times Square involves an indoor ferris-wheel ride at Toys 'R Us.)

According to millions of travelers on TripAdvisor, 43rd Street's Hotel Carter is the nation's No. 1 filthiest hotel - a veritable trip back in time to pre-Giuliani levels of Great White Way hygiene! Via Gothamist, here are some of the accusations being flung at the one-star hotel - which, p.s., is a former homeless shelter from (yes!) the '80s:

  • Roaches
  • Rats, mice
  • Bad smells
  • Dirty sheets
  • Water pouring from ceiling
  • Dead body under bed (luckily found by a housekeeper, not a guest!)

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