Times Square Hotel Tops List of Nation's Dirtiest

Hotel Carter gets a dubious honor in TripAdvisor's "Dirtiest Hotels 2009" list. Will it clean up its act?

Hey, remember when Times Square was filthy? And no, not "Peepworld" filthy, the other kind, with rats and roaches and a steady stream of poop in the gutter. (Rent Taxi Driver for a refresher course, or if your only experience of Times Square involves an indoor ferris-wheel ride at Toys 'R Us.)

According to millions of travelers on TripAdvisor, 43rd Street's Hotel Carter is the nation's No. 1 filthiest hotel - a veritable trip back in time to pre-Giuliani levels of Great White Way hygiene! Via Gothamist, here are some of the accusations being flung at the one-star hotel - which, p.s., is a former homeless shelter from (yes!) the '80s:

  • Roaches
  • Rats, mice
  • Bad smells
  • Dirty sheets
  • Water pouring from ceiling
  • Dead body under bed (luckily found by a housekeeper, not a guest!)

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