Thursday Opening Report: Boka, Hotdogs and Coffee Certified Open, Walter Foods, Haven Soft Open

1) Williamsburg: Brooklyn Based has it that Danny Minch’s (Balthazar) Walter Foods at Grand and Roebling will soft-open this Friday. They write: “Since sampling the blackened shrimp, warm beet salad, and pork chops with apple and shallot compote at the friends and family tasting on Monday night, we’re more excited about Walter Foods than any other Brooklyn spot that’s opened in some time.” Status: Not Open. Soft Opening tomorrow. 253 Grand Street, Williamsburg; 718-387-8783. [Brooklyn Based]

2) Midtown: Thrillist reports on the opening of Haven, a new bar/restaurant serving up eclectic global fare that will soft open tonight with free drinks from 4-7pm, and tomorrow too, with an official opening on Monday. They write: “From a veteran bar-staurant GM (The W, Tao), this nook-riddled, two-floor boozer's manse is decked in baroque/hinterland/subcontinent themery (Parisian armchairs, bull horns and deer antlers, Hindu goddesses...), serves pan-everywhere small plates (Portuguese octopus, Szechuan dumplings), and pours infusion-happy cocktails like Pandora's Box (hibiscus-infused aged rum, spiced simple syrup, key lime).” Status: Soft Open, official opening on Monday. 244 E. 51st Street; 212-906-9066. [Thrillist]

3) West Village: The oddly-named Korean-owned Hotdog and Coffee (once plywooded) has reportedly opened on Bleecker and Leroy according to a tipster. He writes: “People are behind the counter with some Korean guy (probably the owner) standing in the doorway drinking a cup of what else? Coffee…” Status: Certified Open. 245 Bleecker Street; phone unknown. [Eater Inbox]

4) East Village: Flo Fab does some brief reporting on Korean spot Boka, claiming it is now open and writes: “This spot adds Korean food — rice cakes, bibimbop and fried chicken — to a street full of Asian options.” Some Flickr snaps confirm it open. Status: Certified Open. 9 St. Marks Place; 212-228-2887. [NYT]

5) UES: Flo Fab also reports on the opening of Square Meal which was already reviewed by both The New Yorker and Ed Levine earlier this week. She writes: “Yura Mohr, owner of the caterer Yura on Madison, has opened this little restaurant around the corner. An inviting menu trusts seasonality, from heirloom tomatoes with feta to Maine blueberries in flaky pastry. Bring your own wine. Status: Certified Open. 30 E. 92nd Street; 212-860-9872. [NYT]

6) Gowanus: Gothamist and others report that new nightlife venue The Bell House will open today in the Gowanus from the owners of Union Hall and Floyd. They write: “To recap, there will be a huge bar in the performance space as well as a front lounge bar, and an entrance to each will be located in a foyer that connects the two. Located at 149 7th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues, the venue was was crafted out of an old 1920’s warehouse once used as a printing press.” Status: Opens tonight. 149 7th Street; Gowanus; phone unknown. [Gothamist]

7) Midtown: A PR rep reports that a 2nd location of new chainlet Empanada Joe’s has opened in midtown. As you might have guessed, the main attraction here are well, the empanadas, but as you’ll recall from a previous Opening Report, remember the fusiony combos like “caprese and bacon egg and cheese.” Status: Opens today. 638 8th Avenue; phone unknown. [Eater Inbox]

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