Updates from the J. Crew Sample Sale

Clothingline has unleashed yet another J. Crew sample sale on the masses, though, from the sounds of it, this one has mostly shoes and more than a few damaged items.

The J. Crew sample sale has always taken a purist approach in its truly sample-based merchandise.  And by sample, we mean perhaps damaged stuff with SAMPLE marked in sharpie across the back. It's not to say we haven't had success at the J. Crew sales in the past, because we certainly have, it just takes some digging to find clothing, shoes and accessories in one piece, unmarked and free of Sharpie that shows on the outside of a garment.  Which, in essence, is what a sample sale is supposed to be about and therefore, what New Yorkers should appreciate as authentic.  Right? Sample Sally reports this particular iteration offers more of the same -- lots of actual samples.

Well, sort of.  According to Racked, the latest event has a plethora of shoes and jewelry, some heavily marked-down evening dresses and, per usual, lots of sweaters.  Shoes are going between $60-$120, dresses for $75, cotton and wool knits for $35 and cashmere for $60.

J. Crew Sample Sale

261 West 36th Street, 2nd floor: Through March 19th, 10AM-7PM

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