Times Square’s Facelift Continues with New MAC Outpost

Getty Images

Next Thursday, MAC's new Times Square flagship will bow on Broadway and 46th, complete with touch-screen computers, LED screens, and a whopping 60 makeup artists.

The new MAC store is yet another addition to Times Square's rapidly transforming topography -- from the new massive Disney store to Forever 21. Overall, the square is actually starting to look like a retail center, albeit one with more goliaths than davids.

MAC's latest space is truly epic, boasting 1,700-square feet of glossy retail space and an eye-catching exterior with the requisite LED tiles to cast enough light across an already-bright plaza. In addition to the (Times Square exclusive) touch screens, the store will also play host to 60 makeup artists, which is four times the average at MAC stores elsewhere. Why all the helpers? Well, turns out this store is expecting 500 shoppers a day, which is no small figure in terms of foot traffic.

MAC Times Square is slated to open April 15 at 1540 Broadway.

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