Cult Menswear Designer Alexandre Plokhov Returns

In the days since Alexandre Plokhov shuttered his label, Cloak, in 2007, the cult-favorite menswear designer has become something of an eBay phenomenon, with fans scouring the earth to find his sleek and sporty designs. For the past four years, Plokhov has served as head of menswear at Versace, but devotees can heave a sigh of relief that the designer is making a comeback for Fall 2011, this time with a revamped, eponymous collection, according to

The entire new collection is apparently executed with a staff of just three people, and comes at a time when menswear is enjoying an overall renaissance, and explores some of the same goth-chic mood as Cloak. But this time Plokhov's man, like the designer himself, has a more global and experienced perspective. The theme of protection and armor that many came to associate with Plokhov's work at Cloak is re articulated through the tough techie fabrics and layers of deliberately placed flaps and panels that tie the collection together.

Rather than shoot traditional product shots, reports that Plokhov tapped his friend, photographer Alex Freund, to shoot a moody -- if slightly blurry -- lookbook that would establish the atmosphere of the brand. Even though buyers couldn't quite make out the details, orders are already starting to come in from Barneys, Atelier and Joyce. Hopefully, New York Fashion Week will bring Plokhov buzz to a fever pitch, and land the designer's latest on all the most stylish shelves.

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