Street Style: Lauren on Hudson and 11th Street

Errand-runing outfits are rarely someting we're proud of, but Lauren LaPuma's gorgeous marble-print shift dress inspired us to step up our game.

Spotted On: The corner of Hudson and 11th.

Occupation: "I manage the west village Intermix store."

Today I'm Wearing: "The dress is from Something Else -- a label based out of LA. My bag is from is by Donna Karan."

On My Way: "Running a few work-related errands!"

My Uniform in Middle School: "Oh man -- I guess I was really 'hippie.' You know, long skirts, patchwork, the dangly ankle bracelets. Very boho."

The Color of My Most Recent Pedicure: "'Enough is Enough' by Essie. That should be my motto in life -- ha!"

The Best Purchase I Made in the Last Year: "I'm obsessed with my Rag & Bone denim. Cobalt blue is the best!"

If I Could Sit Front Row to any Fashion Show, It Would Be: "I'd really like to go to Chanel some day."

My Style in Three Words: "Classic, but a little edgy. And lots of accessories!"

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