Street Style: Heidi in Bright Overalls in Union Square

Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread

If there's one thing we've learned from scoping out ensembles on the sidewalk, it's that unconventional pairings usually yield the best results. Take Heidi Lee, for example, who we stopped on her way to the Union Square Whole Foods.

As if her floral-print overalls weren't enough, Miss Lee paired the look with a cool leopard-print bra top, giving the ensemble a playful, eccentric edge.

Spotted By: The Union Square subway station.

Occuptation: "I design hats, actually. Bjork wore one!"

Today I'm Wearing: "Vintage everything, Oh, but these shoes are Robert Clergerie!"

On My Way: "To Whole Foods."

Hometown: "I was born in New York, but grew up in Philadelphia."

My Style in Three Words: "Homegrown, Rustic, Primal-yet-modern."

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, It Would Be: "Martin Margiela, without a doubt."

My Uniform in Middle School: "I was really a nerd. You know, plaids, polo shirts, khakis."

My Summer Reading List Includes: "What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell."

The Trend I'm Loving This Summer: "Crocs!"

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