SJP Takes Her Gig at Halston Very Seriously

Sarah Jessica Parker's had a lot of roles in her lifetime. From playing the lead in Broadway's Annie as a kid to embodying the now-iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & the City (personally, we loved her in the 80's-era flick Girls Just Want to Have Fun), she's been a working it in the biz for most of her life.

And despite a fragrance launch or two, and a fast-fashion line (you know, those side projects that celebrities often do during their down time), it was still quite a shock to see the role of President and Chief Creative Officer at Halston Heritage offered to the actress—and her acceptance of it, to boot. “I kept saying, ‘You understand, by offering this you are going to be criticized?’ It took me a long time to say yes,” she recently told Elle magazine in her January 2011 cover story. But she did say yes, and it's a position she's claimed complete and utter devotion to. While Parker may not know her fabric blends, she adds, she figures it out—which is more than we can saw for other celebrity designers who often don't even touch their garments until the photo shoots for the ad campaign.

Still, even with her staunch adherence to maintaining Halston's tradition and the label's signature look, we're dying to see a little more of an update to the brand. The last sample sale we checked out this summer was like a shrine to Dynasty. Indeed, there are ways to allude to the past, while still looking forward. Because the show's gotta go on, right?

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